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Advertisement, Communication, Entertainment, News, And Education Benefits Of The Internet
The Internet has been around now for a long time. Before YouTube and Myspace became popular, the Internet was first envisioned by the military, for use under a situation when communications were disrupted. For a long time it was only available to a few, in the early days of computing, and then it was very simple, but now it is a sprawling haven of advertisement, communication, entertainment, news, and education. You can find virtually anything there. But I want to touch on one small slice of it, which has tied all of these aspects seamlessly together, and that is social networking. Social networking sites like “Facebook” and “Twitter” are incredibly complex. The Internet itself is a web (hence the name “World Wide Web”) of computers connected to each other. By browsing the web your computer will display the information from another computer by a URL or hyperlink. Search engines such as Google make the process a lot easier. Some websites are simple, comprised of a few pages of information, representing companies or individuals trying to advertise, teach, entertain, etc. There are also networks of computers patched to the Internet as a group. Facebook, for example, has multiple pages and groups and ads of its own on the site,... Cloud Computing Networks
As businesses grow and prosper their computing and technological needs increase exponentially. Not too long ago, large corporations would have to spend millions on office spaces, cooling, bandwidth, private networks, servers, and storage. Complicated software staff and a team of experts were also hired to install, configure, and run them. Maintenance and upkeep of these networks cost even more; however, in the past ten years a new type of computing and communication has resolved these problems and given a great solution for businesses. Known as cloud computing, it is a scalable solution and emerging technology for computing and the storage of data and applications. The cloud has leveled the playing field, broken down many walls and opened the door for many different types of businesses, allowing them access to resources that were previously only available to companies with larger capital. Cloud computing is maintained by many different aspects of technology; from hardware, software, and network connections to user interactions. However, the most important part of cloud computing is the network, which connects all of these different components. Therefore, it is up to the network providers and telecommunication engineers to... Facebook, The Pre-eminent Social Networking Website
Throughout history, humans have endeavored to create and sustain advances that will improve the quality of life practiced by people across the world. Such advances include attempts to connect human life and to create a more organized, efficient form of living. Several of these types of enterprises have been conceived over the past ten years and some have even gained enough conviction and trust from the American people to become tremendously successful inside and outside of the United States. In my opinion, the most influential of these advances and of the advances made in information and communications technology was the invention of the social networking website, Facebook. Facebook has shown the most remarkable growth in popularity of any advance in information and communications technology since its implementation on February 4, 2004. Although the website was originally intended for use only by Harvard students, it soon became available to several other Ivy League schools and finally to the entire world. Facebook, as of January 2011, had over 600 million users, a statistic which demonstrates the enormous influence Facebook has worldwide. Though Facebook may easily be mistaken for another superficial social... Personal Computers - Rafael Galicot 2014
Lack of patience is one of the universal characteristics that all humans have, demanding everything in instantaneous fashion. It is no doubt a true statement that all the advancements that have ever been developed in the history of science were for that very same cause whether acquiring information quickly or making communication easier. As time flowed and the green earth was gradually transformed into a jungle of city, man’s technology reached to the point where they were able to accomplish one of their greatest dreams, creating an automatic device that would follow the user’s command to complete challenging tasks. The invention of the millennium: “personal computers” were in 1975 released to market by Ed Robert. This feat itself was a great way to display man’s advancement in science, however it was not immediate enough to change the way people live. It was not until the dawn of the new century when the general population was finally able to adapt to it. To obtain attention from the population, many developments and enhancements were made and many undiscovered areas of science were trails into at the same time. However, the greatest technology that has progressed during the last decade is no doubt a wireless technology, or... Social Networking Sites Connect Users
Social networking sites are websites created to connect users, so that people can interact with others online. Most began as simple chatting forums in the 1990’s but have evolved over the years into networks that share all types of information and media. People are now capable of showing news, pictures, videos and music to hundreds of people within a matter of seconds. Some of the most popular social networking sites today include Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. The number of people using these sites is growing at an extreme rate. Virtually anyone with internet access can create a profile and connect with friends and family, or even people all over the world. Social networking sites are the topics of several pressing news stories, and high on the list of parental concerns, but why? There is something that makes people nervous about making personal information and photos available online, but not so much that they will stop using the sites. On the contrary, these networks are growing and without use of privacy settings, anyone can take a peek into your life. In this paper I will examine ways in which social networking sites have drastically changed the way people interact and socialize, and how they affect our relationships, self... Expanding Worldwide Communication With Facebook And MySpace
Mankind has always been an advancing species since the beginning of time. From the invention of the compass by the Chinese to the invention of the Calendar by the Mayans, humans have continued to advance their ability to ease the way they do things in life. In the 21st century, one of mankind’s most used and most valuable inventions has been the computer. It has revolutionized the way humans document things, build things, and most of all communicate. Instead of using the phone, people who use computers on a daily basis are likely to use e-mail or certain internet blogs to communicate. The young adults and teenagers have grown an affinity for social networking sites due to the ease and convenience they bring to communication. However, this has become a problem for healthy social development due to lack of moderation in knowing how to balance when to talk to someone face to face and when to just send them an internet message. The rise in popularity of social networking websites (i.e. MySpace and Facebook) is changing the way adolescents communicate in this day and age. This technology has shown to be instrumental in providing worldwide communication yet limits the development of healthy relationships. The founders of these... The Internet Makes Life Much Easier
There is no question that life today is much different than it was one hundred years ago. The past century has delivered so many technological advancements that life without them would be unbearable to most. The most staggering of advancements and one of the most rapidly growing advancements in today’s lifestyle would have to be the internet because of all the different avenues it envelopes. Today, nearly three-quarters of Americans have access to the internet on a regular basis, and that number continues to mature year after year. Even in less developed nations, such as Mexico, nearly one-fourth of residents have access to the industrious communication avenue to the rest of the world, and that number also continues to grow. There is no denying that the internet is the most precious technological asset to most people in America, as well as many parts of the world. The many opportunities the internet presents are incredible. Whether it is through public or personal computers, android phones or tablets, or in more recent technology, television sets or gaming systems, and many other diverse methods of communication are everywhere we turn. The internet makes life much easier for jobs that many people hold, as well as creates... Information And Communication Technology (ICT)
Information and communication technology (ICT) is a driving force that enables humanity to evolve and mature at heightened rates. It is a powerful element as it reveals a variety of forms in which the contemporary lifestyles of human beings may be greatly enhanced or hindered. Advancement within the field of ICT transpires at a continually accelerating rate; making it difficult to pinpoint one specific discovery as the pinnacle achievement of the recent decade. ICT retains an immense capability in influencing, directing and continually expanding economic structures at local, national and international scales. It may ultimately be deemed, that due to ICT’s perpetual degree of ingenuity, it has experienced the most commendable advancement over the past ten years through the trendiness, availability and mobility of smartphone technology within the public realm. The coercive powers of trends are eminently recognized as guidelines, by which human beings frequently opt to abide and distinguish themselves through. Information and communication technology’s rapid progression has managed to captivate billions as it has flourished in pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence, while also establishing fashionable... The Endless Possibilities Of The Internet
Growing up, some of my fondest memories are of technology. I remember the silver Seiko clock radio that my father got me for my tenth birthday. I can still see the burnt amber numerals and the tuning knob on the right hand side with the five black cuboid buttons it had for preset stations. I spent countless hours lying in bed listening to it. I was introduced to Bruce Springsteen on that radio, along with other artists I grew to love. Another machine still lingering in my mind is the tiny little Sylvania TV my mother bought for me and my sister’s room one year at a yard sale. It was a particularly pleasing construction—sleek, square, with one long antenna and another short one on the top and push buttons along the bottom. Although it was old, it worked properly for years. My sister and I would be up all night sometimes just watching TV and chatting. We only had basic channels at the time so we were always watching the news or a sports game. Before I went to high school, I got my first phone. It was a black Motorola flip phone. I remember being so excited because all my middle school friends were leaving and now I could stay in contact with them through text. Technology was always there to satisfy my longing for entertainment... The Fast-Changing World Of Communication Technology
In the fast-changing world of communication technology, the next new gadget always seems to be faster, smaller, and more abbreviated than the last one. From the landline phone (where you actually have to dial a number) to the speed-dial equipped cell phones, and from the nearly instant email, to the shorter instant message, to the 160 character text, to the hundred character tweet, communication seems to be focused on sending a message instantly and as simply as possible. Yet for each combination of tone of voice, facial expression, and body language as it is possible for a person to express, there is an interpretation for the typed, abbreviated tweet displayed on the miniscule screen of a cell phone. So perhaps it is not surprising that one of the greatest advancements in communications technology in the last ten years has had to balance both the immediacy and the complexity of modern communication. With videoconferencing technology (such as Skype and Cisco), the nonverbal aspects of human communication are preserved, while the capacity for speed and distance promised by modern technology is utilized. Additionally, in a global economy (and an almost global society) effective communication across great distances is... The Distribution Of Information Power Of Podcasts
I believe the greatest advancement in information and communication technology in the last ten years is the instructional podcast. In this day and age, information distribution is critical and no other form of information technology accomplishes this better than podcasts I feel. The reason I believe this is because everyone on Earth can understand a visual aid, no matter what country you reside in or language you speak. What better method exists to distribute information than putting in a language everyone can understand? After all, how often can messages be lost in translation? However visuals are something everyone understands and therefore is an effective way to instruct someone. As well, podcast are far reaching. Once placed on the internet they can be viewed by every country on Earth. A man residing in Iceland can share his podcast with a man living in Australia. Podcast turn the entire planet into little more than one gigantic neighborhood in which countries and nations are but a block away. As an added benefit podcast can travel very quickly. By this I mean that one podcast can reach every corner of the globe in a matter of minutes upon implementation. On the subject of distribution, podcast are incredibly easy to... What Is Wi-Fi?
The last decade has been astounding in terms of the quantity and quality of technological advances that have been introduced. The truth is, I considered how advanced and present smart phones and cellular technologies have become. I considered companies like Skype, Twitter, and Facebook that have revolutionized global communications and forever changed how we communicate, socialize, and do business. I even considered YouTube with video streaming and the influence they have had on every industry from music and cinema to internet marketing and education. And yet, none of these struck me as significant enough to qualify for what I would consider the greatest advancement of the last decade. In my mind the greatest advancement must, without a doubt, satisfy 3 important characteristics: it must be ubiquitous, it must be an integral part of a broad range of everyday jobs and tasks, and it must be resistant to obsolescence. When these 3 characteristics are applied to the long list of technological advances, one stands out in my mind above the others; Wi-Fi. Now, let me explain why. To understand why Wi-Fi encompasses so many industries and is so widely adopted, you have to understand exactly what it is. Wi-Fi is the name... The Social Networking Storm
What is the greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry over the last 10 years? This question is easily asked, but the answer is quite difficult to define. Most likely, various generations, cultures, and people would define this question differently. For me; a college student, far away from old friends, and looking for a way to connect I think Social Network is the greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry. I think this for various reasons. I think Social Network is the greatest advancement because it is globally used, people spend numerous hours a day using it, it has integrated itself into use in the business world and the possibilities for social networking use are endless. Everyone uses social networks. Among the most popular are MySpace, facebook, twitter, and flickr; all of which are used not only nationwide, but worldwide! I, a regular person, alone have over 1,400 friends on facebook! I have the power to talk to anyone, anywhere, at anytime all at the tip of my fingertips. I want to study in Australia, and luckily for me I have a friend studying there now. Facebook allows me to ask her questions, view pictures from her trip, and keep in touch all...

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